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2010 July 18
Posted by renere

On the Erie canal heading to the repair shop

Erie Canal betwewn locks 1 and 2

The Security Lock/Gate

Looking up at the Sercurity Gate/Lock

Fire Department having fun with the water

The damage

The damage 2

The damage 3

We finally made it out to Albany Marine Services were we met up the Larry, who handles the shop and both him and the mechanic came out to inspect the damage and I suspected the lower unit was toast.  Not only was the propeller mangled, but also the shaft was bend and they think there’s a crack in it as well.  In addition, there’s fluid coming out of the propeller, which means the seals are damaged as well.  He said that let him look into the parts and prop and he’ll see the availability since he knew we were transient and had no trailer around to pull it out of the water.

After getting settled in at the dock while Larry did his research, I called the BOATUS again to file a claim.  They said they had an adjuster up in Lake Champlain area that could possibly come down on Friday morning to inspect the damage, but it would still take time for all the paperwork etc.  Well at least we were moving in a positive direction at this point.

Larry got back with us and told us he could have a whole new lower unit and a prop by tomorrow and possibly have us back on the water.  Wow, I said to him, but the only catch was the cost is roughly $5,000.  Well I knew the adjuster was coming in the morning and I told him go a head and have them ship it even though BOATUS said not to authorize any work until the adjuster arrived.  I new that time was of the essence since the mechanic was going on vacation starting on Monday then we were really going to be in a pickle.

If was about 1:00 PM and I told Brandon lets go into town for lunch and go get some supplies at Wal-Mart up the road about 2 miles or so.  This is pretty funny since we had 4 bags of groceries one on each side of the handlebars riding down the W-9.  I’m sure people were thinking we’re homeless or something like that, and especially since it’s still pretty warm and humid out here.  Who in their right mind would be riding bikes in this weather?  Yep, those crazy two from CA…

Here’s what I sent to the claims adjuster

Attn: Claim Adjuster

Claim #1008125

Attached are pictures of the lower unit for my 2000 Evinrude Fitch 200 HP Outboard Engine.

We were heading southbound between locks 3 & 2 on the Hudson River.  At this time I was on my VHF contacting the lock operator requesting permission to enter lock #2 when we hit a huge rock.  We were in between RED buoys 52-50 when we hit.  The lock operator saw the incident and I told him I would call him right back.  I jumped into the water to assess the situation to get the boat out of the rocky bottom.  At that point I was able to quickly inspect the damage.

We’re were able to roughly motor up to the lock where we tied off and I dove under the boat to do a better inspection.  At that point I saw 2 8″ x 3/4 gouges in the keel of the boat showing fibers.  Also there was two chucks taken out of the lower unit and the 4-blade Renegade Stainless Steel prop was completely damaged.

The lock operator told me that there was another boat within the last month that this happen to and he felt that those day marker buoys should be moved in at least 15′ or more.

We managed to get into Troy for the evening to dock and left first thing this morning to Albany Marine Services, who was highly recommended by many of the lock operators, and they have done an inspection.  The assessment is: Replace the S.S Prop, New Lower unit, since the shaft is bent and fluid is coming out the unit.  They also think the unit may have a crack since the fin is completely severed.

Albany Marine Services
Contact: Larry or Nick

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  1. Lorraine permalink
    July 18, 2010

    Hi Renere, hope all is well, sorry to hear about your troubles, I’m sure you will get it fixed and all will be well, just glad you and Brandon are safe, take care, we really enjoy your pics and reading your blog, I showed Uncle Tony some of your pics,while we were at Yvonnes last night.

  2. July 19, 2010

    Thanks cuz!

  3. July 20, 2010

    …Lolololol! I can see you & Brandon now on the W9…! And I want to cry for your boat, yup! Sounds like real life. I’m so sorry that you’ve had this trouble! It’s just enough to make y0u want to stumble; but I’m rooting & cheering for you…..and praying for you too.

  4. August 25, 2010

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  5. August 27, 2010

    Very good article, well written and very thought out.

  6. August 27, 2010

    I truly loved this brilliant article. Please continue this awesome work. Regards, Duyq.

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