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2010 July 23
Posted by renere

18 LogBook

Heading up to Lock #16

Pesky Geese

Entering Litle Falls, NY

Lock #17, Little Falls, NY

Rock climbing, Little Falls, NY

Parents must have told them to go play on a rock

Rock climber

Rock climber

Houses on the side of the water

Old Church in Little Falls

Old Power Plant

Little Falls

Old Building in Little Falls, NY

The day after the big storm…  Our destination for the day is Lock #20 and from what I hear the areas we’re traveling through today is suppose to be quite spectacular, and from what we’ve seen up to this point I’m sure we won’t be disappointed.

As we passed through Lock #17 the operator said we should spend a little time in Little Falls since there are some really cool places to see.  One of which is the rock climbing that goes on to our starboard side as we pass through the narrow passage.

We stopped off and headed back to the climbing area to check out the locals climb the small cliffs and we were even asked it we’d like to try it.  I knew I wasn’t interested since I did this before and I remember the feeling of rubber band legs and the arms giving out. It’s one of those sports that take practice and getting the muscles use to it.  Never the less it was a cool place to hang out and watch them.

We headed back up to the main village and they’ve done a great job restoring the old downtown buildings and there are quite a few art galleries to see.  Unfortunately we only could spend a short amount to time since we had a long day a head of us.  I’m sure next time this will be a whole day visit.

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  1. July 24, 2010

    Hi Renere…it’s amazing how there are actually places so beautiful! It looks so serene and peaceful… even the geese enjoy the areas…they are lucky and don’t even know it… :-)

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