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2010 July 26
Posted by renere

20 LogBook


Winter Marine Service "Bad Striper" on the rack

Waiting for the train

Passing through Rochester on the Amtrak

Our designation for the day is to get somewhere around Lock 24, but our first order of business was to get the boat in order so that we can start our preliminary checks and also figure out this “Check Oil” light, which has been bothering me throughout the night.

After we tidied up and ate breakfast—oatmeal, I pulled off the engine cover and first tried to clear the 2 CODES that popped up. I was able to delete the #35 CODE, but that was secondary to #22, which was the Oil CODE.  So I decided to head over to Brewerton Marina to see if they worked on Evinrudes and unfortunately they didn’t, but I was told there was a company about 4 miles up next to one of the locks.  I knew by keeping the rpm’s down to about 1500 we could still travel about 5 nm, which I roughly 5.5 mph.

Before we started heading up I was told there’s a self-serve gas pump on the starboard side of the river called Winter Marine Service that had fairly reasonable gas prices.  They were only ¾’s of a mile up and we were there within 10 minutes.  While we were turning the bow into the dock the forward shifting froze up and we were limited on our maneuverability—fortunately we still had forward momentum to pull up to the dock.  I asked if they had a mechanic that new anything about Evinrudes, unfortunately they didn’t work on outboards, but the mechanic said that he would take a look to see if he could figure anything out.

When I went to start her up all I could here and see was the starter spinning and not engaging into the flywheel.  Now the starter is out, “Check Oil” light is on and the forward or reverse on the shifter isn’t working.  At this point I knew we were going to have to call it quits.  I thought about it for 10 or so minutes and decided this was going to be our best option.  I even called the repair service that installed the lower unit last week, but the only way I could get them to fix it was to bring it back.  Now being under warranty I definitely needed to take advantage of it.  I had Winter Marine hoist the boat out of the water onto a rack while we headed 200 miles west to pick up the truck and trailer.

We looked up the Amtrak times and found a perfect departure around 7:23 PM from Syracuse, NY to Buffalo Exchange.  We were able to get a ride into town, which was about 11 miles to the station and I made a call to my buddy Dave Bouquart in Buffalo if he could pick us up and drop us off at Sturgeon Point Marina—20 miles southwest of Buffalo.  Dave came through for us again and we were able to spend the night at his house.

Since Dave had to work in the morning he asked his buddy Eddie Murray, a race car driver, if he could give us a ride into Sturgeon Point, since he lived in the town right next to it called Angola.  Again, the people on the east coast really are great people and really go out of their way to help out.  This is something that is very rare in our neck of the woods to experience.

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  1. July 27, 2010

    …fabulous pictures Renere, like the Barbershop on the lake. ;-)

  2. Adele Jones permalink
    July 28, 2010

    Renere – Sorry that you had to end your trip early. I really enjoyed your photos and following your trip. You went right past our Marina when you entered Oneida Lake, we are just before the Sylvan Beach wall. We have stopped at Winter Harbor many times for gas on our way West. Good luck to you and your son. Nice photo of me..thanks for your comments.

    Adele Jones

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